Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello friends!

Here, everybody, is the much-anticipated first real post on this blog that I made many months ago, and then neglected for many months. Tonight Deidre and I were collecting cool nature specimens from a tree on our way home from swinging at the park, and we decided we will become bloggers for reals. I'm not going to actually say anything cool or important now, but this First blogpost is a pretty monumental event anyway so I don't feel like I need to try very hard.

As this sunny warm day
In the middle of May
Is dusking and waning,
The light that's remaining
Looks pretty and sweet;
And down onto my feet
The light's cast in lines
(through the gaps in the blinds)
that are golden and strange
and which subtely change
as the minutes walk by
and out into the sky
to retire for the night
with the last of the light.

This is a poem that I wrote for my friend Tamarra while sitting on my bed.

A few weeks ago, I was walking home from FHE with my roommate Sarah, and Orion was already right there in the sky to say hello! So while we walked I composed an ode:

Hanging up there in the sky!
He's my favorite heroine,
Though he's actually a guy.
And he's not a drug,
Nor is he illegal,
Nor is he a thug,
Nor is his name Smeagol
'Cause it's Orion!
Hanging up there in the sky!
(Repeat repeatedly, preferably forever).

I think it is probably much better when sung in person. If you want, I will sing it for you if you ask. It's pretty special. Sometimes my roommates get it stuck in their heads, and I feel a little bit bad about that.


annilyns said... dear Annie time is short so I can not compose a proper poem to laud your amazingness. I just want you to know I LOOOOVE Yoooooou.

Sarah said...

I must be famous or something, to have been there for the composition of the awesome Orion song...

Annie said...

Sarah- yes, indeed. You've witnessed the genius at work! Or at least you will be famous, once I am famous. Which will be soon, probably.

Annilyn- Likewise! (said in the gravelly, throaty voice of the bumbling small-time thief in What's Up Doc?. Do you remember??)
And I would love an Annilyn poem sometime, or someday, or even someyear distant.