Saturday, May 23, 2009

And here comes post #2 right outta nowhere!

About half an hour has passed since I took the epic First step into blogdom by posting a post. I'm still not ready for bed, though; I suppose I'm all jazzed up from my bloghood initiation. While I seem to be on a roll with made-up bloggy terms, I'm going to throw out a few more: bloggerific blogetry; blogification; blogitronic blogacity; blogrant blogerisms of a blogtastical nature.

Hmm. It really must be 1:15 AM.

I love walking to work. It takes about twenty minutes to walk from my apartment to the MTC, and it is pretty often my favorite part of my day. This year's spring has been the most beautiful spring I have ever experienced. There have actually probably been several springs in my life that offered more spectacular and lovely views, but this year I've had a greater capacity than ever before to notice how lovely things are, and be touched by all the things I encounter, and love all the things I see. I can't easily think of many activities that are more interesting and special to me than looking very closely at something I come across when I'm out and about.

Today I was enjoying the sight of a rusty piece of machinery, and I thought about how God is in everything. He was in the materials that made it, and in the lives of the people who shaped the materials into a machine, and in the weather that changed and aged it, and he is in me; he is in my eyes as I take it in, and in my mind as I process and consider it, and in my heart as I love it.

I felt very grateful today that God is an artist. I looked around me at the mountains and sky and trees, and I knew that he enjoyed very much to make all of it. I very much enjoy interacting with it and feeling a part of it. It is a source of happiness and wonder for me every day.

And now it is 1:39 AM, and I have quite thoroughly worn myself out. Good night everything! I will enjoy some more of you tomorrow!


Sarah said...

Annie! You're USING YOUR BLOG! I'm so excited for you ;-)

Annie said...

Thanks! I know it's a big step in my development as a real person of the Internet Age. I feel like such a wee fledgling in the big wide world of online communities!