Friday, September 25, 2009

Just Because

Here are some doodles that I drew during English class on Tuesday.

This is after a boy who sits across the room from me. He is actually a pretty good-looking fellow. But whatever. I like to look at a face for reference and then getting loosey goosey with the features.

Her eye-to-lip distance is off the charts! Ah, big noses. How I love you.

On Wednesday, I was waiting for a ride on a bench at the MTC when a cheeky little german Elder, bound for Hungary, came over and looked at my notebook. He pointed at my favorite (the animal in the bottom left) and said, "This one is my favorite. What is it? Is it a reindeer? Maybe a girl reindeer??"

This drawing came out while I was looking at the cover of My Name is Asher Lev that was sitting on my desk.

Some fellow.

Then I drew these at around 1AM last night.

Lastly, I drew this guy during a work meeting today.

And since it always seems to come back to the MTC job, I will share the following:
A buddy of mine at the MTC wrote me a funny rap...

Annie the cashier
She is in the zone
Ringing up products like a telephone

The bookstore gets crazy
There are lots of highs and lows
Especially when your job is selling candy to the gordos (haha)

Making the most of any cards that are dealt her
And her fave thing to say is,
Cash or card, Elder?

The "gordos" bit is referencing a time when he and his companion were practicing bearing their testimonies in Spanish and his comp started his by first talking about how there was so much cheap candy in the store and I was making them all fatties by selling it to them. The rap-writing elder was busting up and I asked afterward why I thought I heard the word "gordos" in his testimony! Good times in the good ol' MTC.

The day before he left, I gave him a final encouraging note that included a rap of my own. To conclude, I will "recite" it for you:

I know a certain hombre
Wears his name by his tie
Elder BLEEP is his nombre
And he's a pretty swell guy

He's been learning his Spanish
He's been studying verse
He's a teaching machine
That doesn't go in reverse

He's keeping it fresh
Ain't ever gonna go stale
Cause he's serving as a mish
In Ft. Lauderdale!!

(It is very satisfying to put a BLEEP in a rap I've written, even if it's for the sake of confidentiality and no actual profanity is involved.)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wanna See An Envelope?

Well, I have sent out quite a few letters since my last post, but today it finally occurred that: I remembered to scan it before sending it, I had time to do so before the mail came today (I'm too fidgety about mail to wait till tomorrow) and I had access to a scanner (albeit just a weenie little Wilkinson Center one). So here is an example of a more or less typical letter envelope, sent out to my dear friend Tamarra. I didn't have her address, so at this point I had just written what I knew of it. That works out well anyway because I'm not sure how keen anyone is on having the address of their place of residence blogged for all the world (or at least my very limited scope of visitors) to see. So all that this is missing is her address and the red pen spiky blob I drew around it. Anyway. Hooray for delicious, delightsome correspondence! I have to make sure not to post this before she gets it!

Also, today an Elder in the MTC Bookstore accidentally told me that I'm his favorite cash register. I told him I'm just glad I'm
somebody's favorite cash register.

That is all.